Following his Endgame release, Berlin-based K4LT returns to our airwaves with yet another moody tune, LCPD. Extending the cast of his dark and shadowy thematic tunes, LCPD, follows up on theme of heartbreak. Although amicable, the loss of love is something we all grieve with no matter the circumstances. A sense of aimlessness with questions like, ‘where does one go from here,’ are in a sense one of the most groundbreaking moments in human life.

Lovers of the melancholic vibes of Radiohead and Depeche Mode will love LCPD. The tune bleeds cold emotion and a pain unique unlike any other. A post rock type of tune that sets itself on the precipice of personal setback and loss that resonates with listeners new and old. Incredibly layered with a unique sold design, K4LT is an artist who prides himself on all things dark and bass. With influences from Berlin’s techno scene and rock influences of Radiohead.

Check out LCPD down below!

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