Pack your bags and gather your adventure squad: we are going to Mexico for a tropical excursion in one of the most beautiful parts of planet Earth

Oh yes indeed, intrepid travelers: in the depths of winter, while your neighborhoods are frozen over, we’ll be vooming off to another country entirely for our very first family vacation experience!

This is an all-inclusive sleepover at a stunning resort in a famously sublime section of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and breathtaking landscapes. They’ll be setting up a gigantic sound-system right on the beach, and invading the resort for an extended weekend including 3 nights of music, pool parties, exploratory adventures, and late-night throwdowns in customized nightclubs.

The entire experience has been carefully curated from start to finish by Bassnectar, designing a staggeringly potent blend of old-school roots influences, world famous legends, longtime friends and collaborators, and tons of underground artists for you to discover. Look at this lineup!!! Just like the gorgeous locale, it is a thing of true beauty.

The Beach Stage will be rolling out right on the white sands of the mile-long beach, featuring a spread of incredible artists each night, capped off by a unique Bassnectar set. The Haven will be an expanded landscape of relaxation with workshops and shade in the day, before transforming into a full-on old-school chill room with live ambient sets and downtempo DJs at night. And if you still have energy at the end of it all, you can lose yourself until the wee hours in our custom-crafted nightclubs The Voom Room and The Deja Room, or find some other late-night adventure inside the resort, or outside underneath the stars…

During the daytime, if you’re not sleeping off the madness of the night before or starting over again at one of our pool parties, the resort offers tons of space to unwind, enjoy a stacked selection of dining options, relax on the beach, or get involved with daytime activities including yoga sessions, snorkeling, beach games and surfing contests, tennis and mini-golf, tequila and craft beer tastings – everything that you would expect from a first-class coastal resort, and tons more.

Our Be Interactive team will be fully engaged alongside the Ambassadors to run a greening program throughout the event, with recycling and carbon offsetting a top priority, as well as hosting mindfulness and meditation workshops, and a charity campaign focused on giving back to the local community. Hippies are fully welcome, as we will have vegan and vegetarian food, and many random surprises to enjoy 🙂

Packages include tickets for all three days of music , all-inclusive accommodations at the Barcelo Hotel (3, 4, or 5 night options available), airport transportation in exclusive shuttles, and some official Deja Voom gifts. Payment plans are available, and if you’d like to stay in the area longer (a fine idea, it is unreal!), you can add extra nights to your stay at the resort.

After all of this is your thirst for adventure is still unquenched, the resort offers a treasure trove of additional options and possibilities so you can explore the astonishing surroundings: coral reef and lagoon snorkeling, jungle explorations, swimming in hidden caves, diving in freshwater sinkholes, exploring underground caverns, visits to secluded Mayan villages and magnificent temples, and trips to nearby Tulum.

International destination events like these come with a ton of info and options, so click around for a crystal clear rundown of all the ins and outs and moving pieces.


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