The loyal bass heads of today are just too quick for a slip-up to go uncaptured, and man was the news juicy. Last night Lorin Ashton AKA Basnectar announced a contest called Bassnectar Chocolate in which a few lucky people would win VIP packages to a special event! The problem? Said event, Bass Camp 2016, an event that was petitioned last year…hadn’t been announced yet. The now out-in the-open event is the main topic in conversation amongst loyal enthusiasts.

To the hero who captured the epic screenshot in the 5 seconds the tweet was up, we salute you.

“To make it even more fun, we have a special surprise for 5 lucky chocolate lovers. Hidden inside 5 of these bars are Golden Tickets, each offering free weekend admission to next year’s ‘Bass Center 2016’ (2 full weekend VIP passes, plus camping) …more info to follow on that!”



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