O Music Recordings is the label brainchild of platinum-selling producer & sound designer, Otto Orlandi. The dream brought to life was founded in 2016 and serves the global dance music community with a colorful portfolio of releases, services, and stand up representatives aiming to keep their hands on the pulse of pop and dance music. Their headquarters are in the beautiful city of Milan, nestled in the city’s financial district. Otto Orlandi, ManyFew and Melanie Fontana’s ‘Don’t Miss You’ topped the Spotify’s Top 200 Italian list by accumulating over 2.6 million streams and won over several other chart accolades.

The label has done substantially well in the crowded dance music circuit and has found collaborations with Sony Music to help boost the release of ‘Don’t Miss Me’ and ‘Jump On It’ (a collaboration with Orlandi, AND, and Sebastian Drums). The label continues to move forward relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what a normal record label would be. Otto Orlandi shared a few words to express the importance of starting his own record label and biggest changes he faced as a label owner.

GDE: As an established artist/producer – why was it important for you to start your own record label? 
Orlandi: I believe this to be a critical moment for the EDM industry. We haven’t been able to witness a prominent music trend in the last couple years and we could say the situation has become quite stale. There hasn’t been a Martin Garrix-like figure releasing a hot track that was able to redefine and redirect the industry’s focus. I would say that aspiring artist should focus on developing their own unique sound now more than ever. At the moment, no big name is experimenting with new groundbreaking styles of music. I believe this to be the perfect time to try out new ideas with the goal in mind to become the new leading acts in the industry. 
GDE:  What have been the biggest changes for you – from artist to a label owner? 
Orlandi: Starting my own label was one of the decisions that most impacted my career in music. This was extremely important because it allowed me to have full control over the creative process revolving around my tracks. When it comes to writing music “Quality over quantity” is definitely my mantra. Having control of my schedule also allowed me to better manage my work as a ghost writer and producer which has always been an essential part of my career. Having my own label changed my personal life as well. I have a more demanding workload and more responsibilities now. It has been a lot harder but it was definitely worth it in my opinion.

Beyond the sheer amount of releases the label has put out, O Music Recordings also offers the following services that help spearhead its way into a global dance music brand.

O Music Recordings Services:

  • PROMO CAMPAIGNS: Delivering a bespoke/specialist-service, to promote your music to the world’s leading DJs and global radio stations. Additionally, helping artists get featured in key music blogs & leading online industry magazines.
  • GHOST PRODUCING: O Music offers an extremely experienced team of writers, with the focus on delivering top-notch productions. O Music also offers a mix of leading ghost producers, who are currently working various projects for A-list artists & record labels.
  • LEGAL CONSULTANCY: Their specialized attorneys assist artists, producers and industry professionals in making informed business & legal decisions, ensuring sound advice at every step of your career.
  • MIXING & MASTERING SERVICE: O Music’s revered audio engineers can lift your productions to the next level, providing the best recording technology and environment, to harvest the full potential of your tracks.

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