Insomniac is known for using each festival to advertise for the next. This time, they have taken their two New Year festivals and used it as an excellent way to leak Beyond Wonderland 2019 information.

On the 29th, fans attending Audiotistic were given out Beyond 2019 Flyers announcing the five stages that will be at the NOS Events Center this March 2019, such as Basscon, Dreamstate, Bassrush, Insomniac Records, and the one that caught our eye, a special mau5trap stage exclusively at Beyond Wonderland 2019. It allowed speculation on who the headliners will be for each stage?

Well, our questions were partially answered. On New Year’s Eve at Countdown, trading cards were handed out filled with different artists faces. Similar to baseball cards, Insomniac gave us part of the 2019 lineup.


Who are YOU most excited to see play on the Beyond Wonderland Lineup 2019? Comment below to win TWO tickets


Beyond Wonderland Lineup 2019 will feature deadmau5, Armin van Buuren, Seven Lions, Rezz, Flux Pavillion, Rusko, Audiofreq, Deorro, Lil Texas, Carnage, YehMe2, & much more down the rabbit hole. And we can’t wait for phase 2.

Did you manage to collect them all? Who are you most excited to see so far? Did we miss any? Comment below or Tweet us as @GlobalDanceElec so we may add them

Beyond Wonderland Tickets 2019 will go on sale REAL soon!


40 Responses

  1. Michel Torres

    Considering I’ve been “raving” and going to events since I was 14 (now 32) and I still have not seen Armin van Buuren… I am excited to finally see him live.

  2. Jorge

    Deadmau5 here we go we need benny benassi back in LA or armin b2b with tiesto

  3. Cheryl

    I have yet to experience Rezz and Armin, I’m so excited to finally get the opportunity at Beyond!!! 🦄
    Here for Rusko!!!! Dude beat cancer happy to see his set!!! 💕

  4. Mykael

    I’ve been a fan of Deadmau5 since I first heard Ghosts n Stuff way back. Mever had a chance to see him so here’s to hopin

  5. Arieanna Manuel

    Holy smokes I’m excited to see Flux Pavilion and Seven Lions!!!!

  6. Becca GOnzales

    Really want to go to a rave soon but been going through tough couple years.. Been homeless sick and lost alot.. Hoping for a better start to a new year .

  7. Anonymous

    This lineup is starting off fantastic. Would be amazing to see Armin and any artists playing at the mau5trap or Dreamstate stages! Too bad there’s no Beyond Wonderland on the East Coast.

  8. Kimi

    Really hoping Joel brings the new cube. Saw the first version of the cube at the Shrine in LA and would love to see all the improvements he’s made to it!

  9. Kay

    Most excited to see Rusko, deadmau5, Armin van Buuren. Bringing back some of the best! 😍
    Can’t wait for the rest of the line up.

  10. Kay

    deadmau5, Armin van Buuren, Rusko, Carnage. Bringing back some of the best! 😍 Can’t wait for the rest of the line up.

  11. Desiree

    Well single mommy here. Would love to see seven lions Ariana grande and many more. Just wish beyond wonderland never left the bayarea! But would love to see the new venue a d crowd.

  12. Julia antal

    I just got into raving last year and have fallen in love with seven lions and armin van burren. This would be my first out of state festival!

  13. Jenny P

    Haven’t been to a massive in a few years and this potential lineup has me super interested!

  14. tina Wells

    I’ve been in the scene since 2000, but I don’t think I have seen Rusko, deadmau5 or Armin van Buuren. Plus Armin just came out with the sunny days song (which I love!!)


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