Paavo Siljamäki of Above & Beyond just announced sad news for his fellow Anjuna family members: he has tested positive for COVID-19. The producer went on Instagram Live to share the details: he revealed that a massage therapist in Bali had the disease and may have been the one to transmit the infection.

It’s day 11 of Siljamäki’s recovery, and he took the time to share his own experience dealing with the virus. One of the biggest nuggets of wisdom in this brief talk was the fact that a scary element of illness is fear. Widespread speculation and arguments concerning symptoms of COVID-19 can leave anyone worried, but Paavo reminds us to keep a cool head and focus on the facts. This unprecedented pandemic is still projected to grow in intensity, so seeing a level headed person with the virus is relieving.

“One of the ways it was described to me is like an ex-girlfriend that keeps coming back. She won’t leave when you want her too.”

Above & Beyond moved back the first few dates of their Acoustic tour, with more potential delays to follow. Watch all of Paavo’s announcement via his Instagram Here or directly down below


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