Jackson Stell, best known as Big Wild these days, is hitting the Novo in DTLA on March 8. The producer is known for Spotify Top Hit “Aftergold” used to make Hip-Hop as JBeatz but made the switch to a more diverse sound after a trip to Big Sur here in Cali. This year sees the release of his debut album Superdream, and his show will be the first time you can hear some album cuts out of the booming speakers the Novo has to offer.

As the next progression, in February 2019 Big Wild will release his debut album, Superdream, on Counter Records. The new album sees Stell pushing the boundaries as a producer and artist like never before, as he serves as the primary lyricist, singer and songwriter for the first time ever. Each song is diverse in sound and scope and represents the full spectrum of emotions and experiences that are central to the essence of being: in one moment, you’re dancing out of your seat, only to find yourself in joyful tears seconds later. The album title, thus, reflects this amalgamation: a super dream combining all of life’s curious, inspiring occasions. The album’s first two lead singles, “Joypunks” and “Maker,” are out now, with additional tracks to be released in the coming months

“The album was inspired by a need to create music that was a greater reflection of who I am now,” Stell says of Superdream. “This led me to feature my voice and songwriting as the main focus for the first time ever. I wanted to create a personal record that people could relate to using my own life experiences. When I listen to Superdream, it feels more like me than any of my other music.”

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