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Discovery Project isn’t just a one time gig for artists that ends with a cool moment and spot on your resume. The almost four year old effort has fostered a number of Alumni who have collectively amassed a serious amount of success in their careers thanks to the community aspect of the project, some going beyond Insomniac’s ecosystem and becoming internationally known names. Within the family, though, there is growing support for the artists productions in the form of releases, and today marks the debut of yet another collaboration between alumnus BIGGS and First Gift.



Cardio Anthem provides a bit of a reverse to the typical use of an electronic track, with the overall vibe first meant to kick you into shape instead of motivating you to get on the dance floor and go crazy. A nice thick and thunderous kickdrum paired with consistent shakers and a whistle should be enough to get you off your feet, or at least get the image of you burning calories in your head.

Stream the full track above and download the track for free on Soundcloud.

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