Buygore kingpin Borgore and rapstar Juicy J first worked together this summer when Juicy J performed on the Buygore-curated stage at Electric Zoo Festival in New York. Now, the party-starting pair is back with their brand new collaboration titled “Magic Trick,” a fiery trap-meets-dubstep banger out this Friday in tandem with a multicolored, psychedelic music video.

The track is the perfect blend for the two artists’ signature styles and sounds. Juicy J provides the lyrical layer to the track by spitting heavy rap rhymes while Borgore mixes in slashing synths and distorted dubstep layers to create a hot and heavy dance floor igniter–a mixture resembling today’s modern music landscape.

Accompanying the track is a trippy abstract music video that strays away from the more conventional videos produced by Borgore and Juicy J. Mixed with fractaling doodles and spiraling images of Juicy J, Borgore and some of their other favorite things, the aesthetically pleasing and artistic video takes viewers on a magical trip.

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