The BPM Festival Organizers issued another official statement following the horrific shooting that occurred during Elrow’s closing party at Blue Parrot. The statement claims that 6 people including patrons and BPM staff/security were slain during the shooting with the cause still unknown; however, rumors have speculated cartel involvement. Their statement commends the valiant, selfless efforts of the two slain security guards and the four patrons that resulted from the deadly shooting.

It has been a month now since the BPM Festival concluded its bittersweet 10-year anniversary. Local government has condemned the activities of all electronic music festivals and banned future ones from procuring events on the beautiful shores of Playa Del Carmen. In the midst of anger and sadness, the extended BPM family has stayed connected with one another expressing their disdain for the violence that occurred and all the memories shared with the iconic, international festival. Mid-way through their 10-year festivities, BPM issued a public announcement that it would be extending its festival grounds to Brazil and Portugal, however, they have postponed the Brazil expansion indefinitely. BPM Portugal is still projected for September 2017.

Read their full statement below:


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