California is doing something right and it seems like that reward is on the way. While the state’s Republicans are calling for Governor Newsom’s recall because of how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic, California’s COVID rates are at a record low.

California was one of the first and hardest hit places in the United States with the pandemic, as San Francisco, and then the state, became an epicenter next to New York of COVID-19 cases. There has been a yo-yo of openings, closings, and half and half as Newsom established a tier system that dictated what could be open and what could stay closed. The worst of the lockdowns ended right after the holidays, as we moved past the fear of the holiday spike. Since then, vaccines rollouts began around the nation. As of this writing, 40% of people in the over 16 years old had been vaccinated with at least one dose. Events around the state were still regulated to outdoor only. In a state that mostly avoids harsh winter weather, Park N’ Raves and other drive in concerts held everyone over as we waited.

The wait, it seems, is finally over. The California Department of Public Health announced today on April 2nd that indoor concerts, theater performances, and other private gatherings would be allowed starting April 15.

That is right, California. In 13 days from now, some of the indoor activities we have missed the most will be allowed again. With the rate of people testing positive for COVID-19 at a record low and many being vaccinated, this new step is a huge lift in restrictions, something that had been happening at a slow and cautious pace before.

Safety measures, such as mask wearing and staying physically distant, are still being urged by the governor. Nothing will be at full, bump into your neighbor capacity – the level of restriction in each county will dictate the amount of people that can be inside. Establishments such as gyms and restaurants are operating at a limited indoor capacity, and the performances and events will follow suit. California still has their four tier system in place, meaning that if the numbers increase, restrictions can come back into place. Purple tier won’t be allowed indoor events. Red tier is limited to 10% capacity for a place that holds 1,500 people and 20% for places that hold more than that. This capacity increases at lower tiers.

In order to attend these events at a venue, people will have to show either proof of FULL vaccination or a negative test result.

This is exciting news that comes on the heels of the summer season less than two months away. Keep being safe and soon enough this pandemic will hopefully be far, far behind us.

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