NYC dance and pop icon is here with his debut EP, ‘This Beautiful Life’. It is a 5-track EP produced and sang by Calvert with help from Jonathan Mendelsohn, Jamey Ray, Alex Psaroudakis and Pablo St Martin. The album opens up with high spirits in the opening single, ‘Please With A Cherry’. It’s sure to light up your airwaves with attitude as Calvert delivers a fiery opening track that is a standout from the rest of the EP just from the vibe and energy the track gives off. The following tracks set a more laid-back, feel good moods better suited from long emotional car rides or just those moments where you want to feel something. The self-titled closing track bears the most emotions, where you’ll Calvert pouring his heart out on.

“A true labor of love. A lifelong goal finally achieved. I’m extremely proud of my debut EP and I hope it makes you feel.” -Calvert

Calvert’s musical presence may seem knew, but he is already a decorated pop culture icon. You may recognize him from his performances on film and musicals RENT, Altar Boys, PS I Love You, and The Last 5 Years. His music video for ‘Please With a Cherry’ has already garnered more than 324,000 views on YouTube and continues to grow. Keep in mind folks that this is only volume 1, so expect more to come!

Listen to ‘This Beautiful Life, Vol. 1’ down below!

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