Early January, someone had Tweeted Calvin Harris if we would be getting new merch or music just in time Coachella this April and he replied with, “Lol merch is not my focus right now you’ll get plenty of music though.” This right here caused a stir across the EDM world as we haven’t heard any new music from Harris since 2017s Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1.

Calvin Harris mentioned his new album would be a new vibe for him, but even that knowledge didn’t prepare us for his 30-second audio sample. His Instagram suddenly updated with a closeup of a speaker, playing a trippy acid synth looped with some breakbeat drums. The preview is getting loads of love from fans and artists including MK, who said he wanted to remix it until he heard the beat drop. For the record, MK is totally still welcome to give this a remix.

Get excited about this new album, especially if there are more surprises like this in the works.


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