Calvin Harris reveals his true feelings on festivals and Dance Music in an interview with Zane Lowe. After the Beats 1 radio host gave him due to props for his work on Nuh Nuh Ready with PARTYNEXTDOOR, the two had a long talk about Harris’s musical journey over the last few years. The Vegas Resident and world-renowned producer admitted to only wanting to make what he wants to make now that he’s had his run of topping the charts; he says this conclusion only came to him at the end of 2016. In regards to festivals, he doesn’t give too much hope for a return to the circuit anytime soon.

 “All that stuff got a little bit too impersonal. Standing up there and it’s the fireworks and all that stuff, but you’ve got no connection with anyone. And that’s why I actually love playing Vegas at the moment because I get to see people’s faces and get to see people enjoy their night. Those big festival shows which I wasn’t getting into personally other than a bit of money and money is, you know, the root of all evil.”

This certainly shouldn’t be considered the beginning of the end of Harris’s love for Dance Music. As a matter of fact, he gives the most credit to EDM for having the best producers, “even though they got shit on by everybody, the critics, and cool music lovers.” He gives a nod to Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self Project for helping him reach this realization. “I took a year off Dance Music when I did all this Funk stuff, I thought I didn’t like it anymore but that track actually pulled me out of it.”

His props to Porter’s music was was in response to Zane Lowe’s question of who he’d like to get in the studio with…but as much as we’d like to announce the two are really collaborating, Lowe did disclaim it was only “in terms of Manifest Destiny.” We certainly hope this message from the creatively liberated Harris reaches Porter’s attention, though.

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