Drug trafficking is no small thing, but Tina Howe had a convincing reason to risk her life in committing multiple instances of trafficking thousands of dollars worth of ecstasy into America. According to the report from Complex, the grandma was compelled to make these trips across the border to save her son from being hurt or killed at the hands of drug traffickers that he owed money. Before being caught, “He wanted to get out of dealing and turn his life around, which led to people wanting him dead,” she wrote of her husband. “Yes, this is a crime, but it was also an act of trying to save her son’s life. Being a mother myself, I completely understand.”

Howe had already made other trips to the states, which she admitted to after being caught and arrested for trying to move a third giant haul and having it fall out of a compartment in the roof on the freeway holding 155,168 ecstasy pills

“So many pills had been scattered on the highway that state troopers reportedly saw “a pink and blue haze of dust from traffic smashing the pills,” according to the Vancouver Sun. ”

Howe was officially sentenced to seven years in prison this week.

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