Cardi B made an unmistakable amount of rounds this year, releasing her own album and showing up on songs from artists you may not have ever expected to hear rap on in the first place. Her upcoming collaboration will fit in well on her resume, though: her next big project is a collaboration with DJ Snake. The rapper posted on his Facebook, saying she was in the studio with him and Puerto Rican reggaeton trap singer Ozuna. Furthermore, she hinted at a third special guest showing up…but left it to him to reveal that news. Is an epic verse for verse foray with another rapper in the works? Or is it a collaboration with another producer? Only time will tell.

Snake announced his forthcoming LP in May. He’s released a few tracks since then, including “Public Enemy” with Yellow Claw and “Let’s Get Ill” alongside his fellow Frenchman Mercer. No telling if those singles make the cut. Watch Cardi B promise her presence in the Facebook video below.

Listen out for more news on DJ Snake’s upcoming album, especially considering this would be the third potential single from it.

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