New York-based DJ Producer, Chachi is back with his brand new single, ‘Again’. Championing his unique style in the realm of deep house, ‘Again’ brings a bouncy house vibe with an infectious bassline and sensational vocals. The lyrics bring about a message of never wanting the fun or night to never end and fuels the party culture in today’s dance music scene. An all around fun track you’ll love to hear blasting in the club.

Chachi made his mark in the global airwaves when another recent cut, ‘Land Down Under’ was singed to Spinnin’ Records and received high praises from his colleagues, Danny Avila and Dirty South. With over 12 million+ plays and counting on Spotify, Chachi has made an impressionable mark in his skills as a producer, while he plays at some of the worlds most revered nightclubs as a DJ.

Check out ‘Again’ down below

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