Something new is brewing in East London. The collaborative forces of Chan Gibbons and DJ Aldo Pasha have put out their ‘Reflections’ EP that is composed of 3 original tracks and boat load of radio and club edits. The duo have produced a fun and groovy house EP that is sure to get you moving and grooving at a dance floor near you. ‘Power In The Name’ opens up the vibes with serious deep house production that is clear favorite from the GDE team. ‘Our Children’ and ‘Our Time’ really showcase the voice of Chan Gibbons, who gives both song a healthy dose of soul.

The two artists met on a night out clubbing and exchanged a deep musical connection. You’ll hear the influences of house icons such as Dennis Ferrer, Black Coffee, and Black Motion throughout the EP.

Dive in down below and check out our interview with them!

Welcome to GDE, Chan & Aldo! Having a good start to your summer season?
Thank you for having us! We are having a brilliant start to our summer season and looking forward to more.

So, you both met in a club? Sounds like fate to us! Was the musical chemistry between you both clear from the start?
When we first met, we definitely experienced a connection as we shared each other’s love for music. But we felt even more connected when we realised that we shared our dreams as artists. As Aldo heard my voice and I heard his music collection, the musical chemistry solidified.

Tell us about your Reflection EP, how long was the extended player in planning & production?
Whilst we released ‘Our Time’ we were also working on ‘Our Children’ and ‘Power in The Name’, which took us about 6 months altogether. We are quite fortunate as Chan does the Mixing and Mastering as well.

Chan, what’s it like being able to work your own vocals into your tracks?
It’s a dream come true! I’ve really taken my time to work on my own vocal and music production. I have never been to keen with pitch correction or adding heavy amounts of vocal modulation, as I feel it can take away the authenticity of vocals at times. My aim is to always sound the same as my live vocals.

I also have to give some credit to my BA (Hons) music degree in Music Performance and Production at the University of East London, which I have just completed this year. Due to this degree, I have more confidence in my all round production.

Tell us a little about your journey as artists, to this point?
Chan has an extensive list of work in the past as a backing vocalist before transitioning as a solo artist in 2012. She has sung behind the likes of; Mariah Carey, Florence and the Machine, Mc Fly and was also part of a choir that sang backing for Gladys Knight and Yolanda Adams for the memorial concert for Michael Jackson to name a few. After deciding to go solo, Chan began producing and self released music videos and singles from 2016 with my support, and in the same year began her music degree.

I have been a DJ for over 10 years starting as a commercial Dancehall DJ but in the last six years I decided to follow my desire of transitioning into house music specialising in; Soulful-house, Deep-soulful-house, and mostly all the sub-genres of Afro-house. In 2015, I joined LCCM University based in London Bridge to complete a course in production engineering, and In the same year released mixtapes with Chan singing my dub plates.

In 2018, we both felt ready to start working on tracks and released ‘Our Time’. Now, we are at this point with the release of Reflection EP!!

Is there a particular standout challenge, you’ve each faced to date?
There are challenges in the music industry especially as we are still quiet new as a duo. To be honest, at times, doubt tried to dictate but perseverance led us to releasing our music. Ultimately, we take these challenges head on which has resulted in a positive way.

If you could describe your signature sound in three words, what would they be?
Infused, innovative, Electronica.

What’s the music scene like in London right now?
The music scene in London is rising again as there were some silent moments but we have personally noticed that the house music scene is placing its stamp in the heart of London.

In terms of your new label, Our Power Records – any upcoming releases to look out for?
At the moment, we are in the process of writing and producing brand new tracks for either another EP or Album…

And finally, what’s next for you both in the second half of 2019?
We would love to get some live performances in by the end of the year & of course, we’ll be releasing more music!

Thanks for joining us Chan & Aldo, till next time!
Thank you so much for having us!

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