Prepping for the release of his upcoming full-length album, the bold musician and producer, Chris Ianuzzi, is proud to present something truly menacing, ‘So Far So Near’. The song title is a 2 part series that takes listeners through a dark sonic journey. Maniacal lyrics that is sure to rock you to the bones, Ianuzzi does a splendid job to horrify the listeners in the best way possible. Production is spot on and incorporates an array of guitar instrumentation blended together with electronic elements of IDM. Despite Ianuzzi’s haunting voice, you’ll find yourself swaying back and forth to the exceptional production as your mind and body falls deeper into the sonic void.

Chris Ianuzzi has been making waves through 2021. We covered his past singles back in June 2021 ‘Funtastic Hellos and Live In Today‘. He first hit our radar with the albums first two singles, ‘Infinite Prize and Setagaya‘. The curious mind of Chris Ianuzzi draws listeners who are fans of Trent Reznor, Squarepusher, Oneohtrix Point Never, Amon Tobin and the like. His music is not for everyone, yet Ianuzzi is unapologetically his true authentic self and presents it well.

Listen to ‘So Far So Near’ down below!

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