Now based in San Francisco, the infamous Claude VonStroke DJ/Producer/Record Label boss, started it all in the city of Detroit. He left the city during his mid 20s, but a quick look through his discography and you’ll remember his legendary single, ‘Who’s Afraid Of Detroit?’, that plays homage to the city that has been an unforgettable influence. This year, he completed another milestone as a Movement Electronic Music Festival Headliner closing out the main stage after having played at the festival for more than 10 times.

To celebrate the milestone, one of the main influences behind Dirtybird records will release a live album mix similar to that of Fabriclive mixes.

“I’ve played Movement more than 10 times, and every time it’s one of the most nerve-racking shows of the year. I always want to bring the hottest possible set for Detroit, it’s where it all started, and my parents always come watch. My set is very much an old-school style DJ set, all music no-one’s heard before, special versions, secret edits, all the stuff I’ve been saving just for this performance. It seems crazy to release a mix album in today’s world, but the amount of incredible original music I have collected from both known and unknown producers will make this something people can get really excited about.”

The album is set to be released on June 22nd!

Check the teaser down below:

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