Is it time for Coachella again? Not even close, calm down and stay at your desk.

When the time does come to escape real life once again, people can be excited about a benefit to Goldenvoice’s expansion of the venue. This 62,000 person increase is going to do more than just give some extra room to stretch- according to a report from the city of Indio that specifically talks about the environment for music festivals, the ground plan for next year’s festivities will have a whopping 6th major stage (10th if you count the DoLab, Yuma, and Heiniken House) and will look a little bit like the Outdoor Stage. The million Dollar question is: Who or what will be hosted there? Considering there are about 4 stages dedicated to electronic already, our guess is a place for more theatrical live acts. Only time will tell though.

For now, go nurse that hangover from this year.

Coachella 2017:


Stagecoach 2017:



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