There may have been countless did rent “chellas” out there in the SoCal music scene as a result of the witty nature of local artists and promoters seeking to provide an alternative to the Indio festival. “Hoodchella,” despite a number of requests to change their name, has decided to keep it and is thus being sued by Goldenvoice and AEG live for Trademark Infringement.

The hood-variant of the two weekend show has a rather slim chance of winning as they essentially have to prove that the name association had nothing to do with the profit they’ve gained. In a petition, they state the following:

“This petition was specifically created for our supporters, everyone who supports Hoodchella Los Angeles and knows that we are not in anyway associated with Coachella and we have never been associated with Golden Voice, AEG, or Coachella,” the petition states. “It’s clear that our fan base knows we are two completely different establishments being that we already gained a fan base from our past underground art and music shows.”

More news from the case is sure to come; as of now, it seems Hoodchella will continue as planned.


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