Is Coachella ready for a bigger Sahara stage? The answer here is clear, HELL YEAH! Last year’s crowds overstuffed the Dance Music oriented stage like nobody’s business. Even those who enjoyed the festival felt that the Sahara needed to expand further to fit the demand of thousands of fans. It got so packed to the point where people were fighting over a tiny spot just to enjoy the artists they came to see. It got ridiculous over the last few years we eventually stop hitting that stage after the sun went down due to the rudeness of people.

Here’s where AG steps in. As the company responsible for Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, & EDC Vegas’ megastructures, AG allegedly plans to introduce a brand new stage for 2018 that rivals the size of the structure they built for Super Bowl 50. If Coachella will end up using this megastructure, it’d mark one of the largest mega structures ever used at a music festival. The Super Bowl 50 megastructure is apparently 200 feet wider than the previous Sahara stage and is nearly 140 feet tall (see the video down below).

The company posted a cryptic status as rumors started swirling about this year’s Coachella…the company simply said: “Looks like the cat’s out of the bag.” We’re a hair away from the epic weekend, so if anything is an indication of a potential expansion and/or relocation of the stage, it’s going to be the official map. Stay tuned for that reveal any day now.

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