We last covered The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band on his previous release earlier this year “Live in Studio – 11/14″,  where the solo artist created a full length album built on pure spontaneity and live instrumentation. Now the one man band/producer is pulling out of the wood works with a brand new trip hop EP entitled ‘Fire Sign’. Four-tracks carefully curated to showcase The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band talents as a trained musician and skilled producer. You’ll find yourself entering the psychedelic mind of one man’s creative, individual mind that seems to have quite a lot to say in the form of music. Unique breaks and out of this world samples/synths will have your mind melting through an astronomical listening experience.

The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band is the brainchild of producer and performer, Jared Sand, who finds influences from the early rave days and big beat era. You also find sprinkles of jazz, funk, improvised instrumentation, and exception production.

Don’t miss The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band perform at Hemp Fest in Seattle this weekend!

Listen to ‘Fire Sign’ down below!

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