People in the streets of England are at serious risk due to the spread of “100 percent pure” cocaine that has been in circulation and has already been tagged as the case of two casualties.

Police issued a warning for the bad batch of drugs going around, with little leads to the source of this “bad batch’s” spread. 2015 saw the highest number of drug-related deaths, with cocaine, heroin, and morphine on the rise.

“Deaths involving heroin and morphine have more than doubled since 2012, partly driven by a rise in heroin purity and availability over the last 3 years,” says Venessa Fearn, a researcher for ONS. “Age is also a factor in the record levels of drug deaths, as heroin users are getting older and they often have other conditions, such as lung disease and hepatitis, that make them particularly vulnerable.”

“Taking drugs in any form is dangerous,” said Eastbourne’s Detective Inspector Neil Ralph, “particularly when the user does not know the purity of the drug.” Ralph claims there have been two drug-related deaths in Eastbourne since April, and emphasized his department’s emphasis on prosecuting the people responsible.


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