champagne in question was never quite their own. The time has finally come for that to change; the Sovereign Nation of Dada Land finally has its own champagne!

All citizens of Dada Land received an email from their kings today describing the process of creating this one-of-a-kind bubbly. Naturally, the two have been thinking about this for years and have been taking their time to perfect the drink. They worked with an importer based in the U.S. and a producer in Champagne, France to create this product.

“Ultimately we wanted a light, summer feeling and I think we have nailed it. It tastes amazing! After finalizing every aspect of the champagne, we had no idea that we needed it to be approved by this board of people in France,” the email reads. “They literally monitor and approve every bottle that leaves the country! First they were like ‘no way!’. What’s wrong with bananas and champagne? After several more conversations we have found a way and now we’re ready to present it to you: our own champagne. Real champagne, made in France. Amazing to drink, amazing to spray. Don’t forget the bananas.”

The champagne is being sold for $49.99 with a $10 off promotion with the code “BANANAS.” We’re definitely interested enough to buy a bottle; we’ll post a review of the champagne when we get our hands on it.

Also, Insomniac Events went to Twitter to tease a new Los Angeles show arriving this year. Maybe we’ll see the return of  “Dada Life The Voyage?” More coming to you next week so stay tuned Dada Nation.

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