Daft Punk has only toured twice over the course of their career, the first time in 1997 and the second in 2007. For fans paying attention, that means 2017 would make it pretty likely that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter will once again hit the road.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Daft Punk collaborated with The Weeknd on the first single “Starboy” off his upcoming album by the same name, and the Lollapalooza website seemed to suggest momentarily they would be performing there in 2017. And even though insiders insist that Daft Punk will not be launching any kind of tour, a new website Alive2017.com has fans diving deeper into the rumors.

The website is pretty bare bones with a black screen featuring the words “ALIVE” written in white. The domain name itself harkens back to the two live albums Daft Punk put out following their two tours, Alive 1997 and Alive 2007. If visitors zoom in on the “I” in “ALIVE” they see a set of four numbers counting down to something. But what exactly?

Reddit users inspected the website’s source code and found coordinates for cities like Paris, Los Angeles, London, New York, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. The source code also includes the line “WAKE DATE 2016-10-27,” for October 27th. That could suggest some kind of announcement.

However, one Reddit user cried foul. “I’ve been doing web hosting for around 20 years,” the person wrote. “Based on 5 minutes of poking at their domain setup and IP space, this website has nothing to do with the infrastructure hosting daftpunk.com and looks very amateur, while daftpunk.com looks very professional”. Then again, looking unprofessional could be just the thing to throw people of the trail.

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