We are on the heels of the major announcement from Daft Punk, letting the world know that their decades-long run was coming to a close. Fans reacted with gratitude, sadness, and nostalgia.

In the days following, there has been an exponential increase in streaming and sales, according to Alpha Data. Alpha Data is the data analytics provider that powers the Rolling Stone Charts.

On Monday directly following the announcement, streams went up 500% compared to Sunday. Some sales were up 1,335% and digital album sales were up 2,650%.¬†Discovery, Daft Punk’s second album, is the record that gained the most popularity. It ranks as #236 on¬†Rolling Stone’s¬†list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, as we all know why.¬†Discovery had a 429% increase of on-demand streams, topping over 1.5 million. There was also an 8,000% increase of digital album sales.

Following Discovery, the next five most popular albums by streams were:

  • Random Access Memories –¬†up 600%
  • Homework¬†– up 714%
  • Alive – up 294%
  • TRON: Legacy – up 360%

When it comes to songs, “Harder Better Faster Stronger” came in as the most-stream song with a 418% uptick in in on-demand audio stream. Following “Get Lucky” were:

  • “One More Time” – up 368%
  • “Instant Crush” – up 392%
  • “Get Lucky” – up 180%
  • “Around the World” – up 381%

Almost half a million people streamed Daft Punk for the first time on Tuesday. Spotify reported that under “discoveries,” Daft Punk had a 242% increase.

The world is feeling this one and paying homage, and it shows. Which album is on your more listened to list?

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