Rising singer and songwriter, David Browning, is making his debut with a 3-track EP, entitled ‘Now You See Me’. His leading track ‘Stay’ has already garnered over 2,000 listens for this new and blooming artist. You’ll find his lyrics and rhythm akin to the likes of Taylor Swift and Sam Smith. It’s the type of Top 40 music you will love to sing, whether it has a happier theme of love and aspiration down to the grittier emotions of heartbreak and sorrow. ‘Stay Over’ captures a more upbeat tempo and message while those listeners looking to slow things down can enjoy ‘Call Me When You’re Single’ and ‘Always Inside’.

David Browning has been intrigued with making music at a very young age. When he’s not working at his practice in Vancouver as Family Doctor, he creates music alongside other passionate musicians of all ages and backgrounds. One of the people he’s worked with to produce this debut EP is Grammy Award-winning producer, Ian Prince. The two met in 2018 and have been working together to push this album out for the world to hear!

Listen to ‘Now You See Me’ down below!

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