Residencies are one of the best things about Las Vegas, and another great one has been added to the list. Joining the ranks with Tiesto and Zedd, deadmau5 has his newest residency at Zouk Nightclub.

Zouk Nightclub and its daytime counterpart AYU Dayclub are relatively new additions to Las Vegas. The Zouk Grouo, which has nightlife in cities around the world including Singapore, Malaysia, and even cruises, joined forces with Resorts World Law Vegas and opened in September 2021. Tiesto was the opening headliner.

Deadmau5 announced today on his social media. Not only he have residency, he has an exclusive: the Vegas Cube. ‘The Cube,’ is going to be a new iteration of his signature structure exclusively at Zouk Nightclub. With the addition of the Vegas Cube, fans can experience deadmau5 in a custom cube with additional new visuals, enhanced production, and music.

Deadmau5 stated that he is, “excited to bring an original cube to Vegas for Zouk.” Since his last tour with cubev3, he’s had numerous songs released, including “Hyperlandia” and “When Summer Dies.”  “We’re going to be incorporating so much cool new stuff in the Zouk cube show,” the producer said of the upcoming residency.

The first show is January 5, 2022 and tickets are already on sale and can be purchased here.

See the announcement below. Will YOU be at Zouk Nightclub in 2022?

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