After releasing his recent album, “W:/2016ALBUM/,” Deadmau5 announced back at the end of 2016 that he would be releasing as 20-track compilation album in early 2017 called “stuff i used to do.”

The compilation will be remastered tracks from 1997-2008 and will be available this February 24th. Whether it will free or not is still up in the air. The original Facebook post by mau5trap had a photo of the album artwork with the caption, “mark your calendars. on 24th feb we’ll be bringing you ‘stuff i used to do’. oh, and it will be free…”

The post has since been deleted and replaced with no mention of price. Also, during the Twitch stream that first broke news of the compilation, Deadmau5 said listeners could hear it, “when its [sic] released and you buy it on iTunes.”

Whether or not it’s free, we can’t wait to hear old classics made new!

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