Deadmau5 is officially hitting the road with the new shiny edition of his hallowed Cube stage. He confirmed he will take the Cube V3 on tour after its debut at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. He’s even going to give fans a new album. The infinitely busy producer mentioned his plans on Reddit earlier:

imma be real here for a second, i own a certain live touring company alot of money. so…. yeah. itll go on the road… just be a little patient and let me get this ultra / debut shit out of the way.

‚Äči think the plan here is to hype this shit like “ermagerd new koob vee three!” k cool, new koob… then we do the one show with it at ultra or whatever… then everyones like oh neat… then we regroup for a month or two to rub out a tour deal with whoever … during said month or months, imma do a new album (bout fuckin time right?) while the adults schedule up the tour shit and lock in the dates… and then we just haul ass from continent to continent with new album, new cube, blah blah. i mean, that’s the basic formula.

but yeah, all that crazy shit that’s been going on outside of music with me (lets just not bother getting into it, its over)…. i’ve basically put that shit in a box and im gunna set that aside and work this shit music / tour shit out.

‚Äčthere. thats where im at… so… really soon-like… we’re gunna launch a few cool things for the fans and all that, give you guys a much cooler place to hang out with me n shit, stream some music making, and just generally hit the big ol fuckin reset button on my job and resume my civic duties as an edm dude or whatever. usual things.

And there we have it: after taking over Ultra Music Festival‚Äôs live stage with the new structure, he‚Äôs planning (whether he likes it or not) to tour the world with his new structure. There‚Äôs a new preview image for this Above that looks to be decipherable…let us know what you decode on Twitter.


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