Joel Zimmerman is back to the usual antics on Soundcloud(he’s also back to insulting music on Twitter, but that’s not important). His two newest contributions to the music world include a darker soundscape with evolving pads entitled ent_open_Alice_02 and ent_Hope_clk_thme, a song that sounds a lot like an excerpt from a video game with it’s rich melodic textures. As usual we are not sure what project this may contribute to, but it may just put us on a time machine and transport us to 2012.

2015 was a really shitty year for electronic music. 2016 isn’t looking any better. Someone needs to bring 2012 back. I remember getting excited to hear new shlomi aber, Phil Kieran, Jon Hopkins, dubfire… Etc. Now we’re all stuck with this other shit. – Deadmau5

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