Deadmau5 fans are making a b-line for Spotify right now, and we think it will be worth it for everyone to follow in their footsteps. The reason behind their zealous voyage is a 200 track collection of nearly every single freakin’ track played over the course of the residency. “for lack of a better playlist” is the name, and it’s a recap of all of the milestones this super producer has experienced over the year in preparation for his own new album for 2018. As such a smorgasbord of music, the playlist features several gems from Mau5trap itself, as well as several sonic treats from artists such as Fehrplay, Mark Knight, Rezz, Shiba San, PRYDA, Pan-Pot, Matt Lange, Cirez D, Max Cooper, Sasha, and Lane 8. Dig in right this second, this 22 hour and 42-minute playlist is not an easy dragon to slay.

Stream all 200 tracks directly below!

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