Q Dance is preparing to make their famous Defqon 1 festival return with a bang: in 2022, the event will last a record four days. In their announcement trailer, the renowned Hairstyle promoter recounted the numerous intricate stage designs and massive crowds. For those who may have had to cancel plans to go overseas, this kind of a weekender is well worth the consideration after getting your COVID shot.

You’ll have plenty of time to think about it; tickets for single-day and 4-day admission go on sale on July 24th. For those holding on to tickets from the Defqon 1 that never came to be, expect an upgrade coming your way soon. The best news? If you can’t make it, Defqon 1 at Home will bring all the best moments from the festival right to your couch.

Check out the epic return trailer below and sign up for ticket access here.

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