New Hampshire-based electronic duo, Delusive Relics, are back with their sophomore album, ‘The Blind Owl’. The album pays homage to their Iranian roots and is their musical take on the self-titled book written by Sadeq Hedayat over 100 years ago. The album’s cover art depicts many of the books characters, themes, and events from the book. The album itself is a culmination of of electronic subgenres that include but are not limited to EBM, synthpop, industrial, and post-punk. A deep dive into the album will showcase a fantasy theme unlike any other audio experience. You’ll find yourself gallivanting through the dark soundscapes that truly capture the masterpiece that was ‘The Blind Owl’. All songs were written by Farhood Nik (1/2 of Delusive Relics) while Anis Oveisi slammed his skills on synthesizers and production.

“This album is a concept album influenced by the Iranian novel masterpiece “The Blind OWL ” written by Sadeq Hedayat, this is about A young man drifts into despair and madness after losing a mysterious lover.”

Delusive Relics came to fruition in 2018 with the release of their debut album, Chaotic Notions, dropping in 2019. It is the brainchild of Farhood Nik and Anis Oveisi, who both draw influences and create music under the guise of older forms of electronic music. Think Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, and NIN, and you’ll truly understand the sounds and style of Delusive Relics.

Check out ‘The Blind Owl’ down below!

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