News spread of the possible break up of South African rave-rap duo, Die Antwoord, and it’s now become a reality. Yolandi Visser, Ninja, and their DJ “God” are releasing their 5th album and disappearing forever in 2017.

Harsh for fans to hear but exciting to hear the last of the crazy yet intriguing duo. Their fifth album is called “The Book of Zef” and their lead single “Love Drug,” will be out on May 5th. The album’s name is perfect, as they always are influenced by Zef culture. Ninja told Exclaim! that when the album is released, “Die Antwoord dies on that day.”

We say goodbye as this bittersweet day comes, but a decade of Die Antwoord will always live on through their music and influence.

LOVE DRUG #❤💊 dropping 5 May #1stSingle #DieAntwoord #FinalAlbum #TheBookOfZef

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