Pizza at clubs is quite 2016 of us to write about, but luckily, we didn’t have to look too long for an innovative approach to mid-turnup-snacking.

Electric Forrest rode the wave of victory over the last two weekends, solidifying amazing memories for many. A select few lucky people even got a whiff of freshly cooked steak during Bassnectar’s closing set on Weekend one!

“The Wookout Cookout caught from deep inside the trenches at Bassnectar last Saturday at Electric Forest,” writes Facebook page Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters (“wook” meaning a hippy more concerned with their tactics than their beliefs according to urban dictionary). “This hunter-gatherer type wook claimed he had caught his provisions earlier in the day and was simply enjoying the meats of his labor to the sweet sounds of his ‘Lord and Savior Lorin.’ I left him to enjoy his Steaknectar in peace.

While many on the internet will do their worst with this now semi-viral post, we commend the guy for having the smarts to eat a hearty meal while raging to his favorite artist at the same time. Sometimes you can’t make it to pre-festival Burger King, guys.

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