With plays and support from Wired, NPR, and the 405, comes a new collaborative album from East Forest, aka Trevor Oswalt, and Keith Sweaty. Expected to be released on January 26th, the two are happy to present a dreamy remix from Different Sleep that one easily find akin to sounds of Baths and Dan Deacon. It can be a self-relfective song to those who closely listening to the echoes of the lyrics such as “what does it mean today to be a man?”

East Forest’s upcoming ‘Cairn’ album alongside collaborator, Keith Sweaty, is an open book to  Trevor Oswalt’s personal life. Emotionally-driven lyrics and melancholy tones coincide with the personal afflictions East Forest is undergoing after recent leaving a long-term relationship. The lyrics heard in Cairn really resonate with the recent loss and uncertainty of whats to come next in life. The rest of album features a long list of special guests such as Living Legends member, Scarub, Thacher Schmid of Emancipator, and many others.

Check out Different Sleep’s remix of ‘Cairn’ down below!

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