The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band is a solo, live electronic music experimentation. It is the brainchild of producer and performer, Jared Sand, who finds influences from the early rave days and big beat era. You also find sprinkles of jazz, funk, improvised instrumentation, and exception production. ‘Live In Studio – 11/14″ is the latest project to come from The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band. The entire mix is comprised of 3 different tracks: ‘Planar’, ‘Terra’, and ‘Evolver’. The recording really shows us how well-crafted and meticulous this solo act can be and how creative he is.

“For release “Live in Studio – 11/14″ the last few minutes are my favorite I’ve recorded to date. All music is composed with Ableton, live synth hardware, and live instrument loops. Performance consists of an improvised jam session.”

Acid works throughout the entire mix and you’ll find yourself on a sonic journey through breaks, tech house, hip hop, trip hop, and ambient. You will hear sounds and energy similar to that of Om Unit or the Chemical Brothers. Much of that live electronica, also an electronic jam bad just take you on sonic adventure.

Listen to ‘Live in Studio’ down below!

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