The biggest influence in Dillon Francis’ early career may seriously shock those who came into loving him because of his recent smash hits. Essentially, that Out-of-Left-Field second drop in his very recent production with Snappy Hit “Candy” represents the uniquely amazing Dance Music Movement known as Moombahton. In an interview with Billboard, Francis details how he met one of the most influential artist he knows, Munchi, and learned more about the subgenre.

“Munchi hit me up on Soundcloud like ‘yo, I remixed the same song as you, but I turned it in too late, blah blah, but check out mine,’” Francis told Billboard. “We started talking on Soundcloud, and when I listened to his remix I was like ‘man, your remix should have been on the package, because it is so much better than mine.’ I started going through a bunch of his music, and I saw this label ‘moombahton.’”

He eventually was inspired enough to produce Moombahton hit “Que Que” with Diplo. The song featured New York artist Maluca, who sang Spanish lyrics. That urge to produce songs in Spanish hasn’t left Francis, as he talked about plans to release a full Spanish album soon. Though a release date hasn’t been specified yet, the fact that he mentioned it means he’s excited enough to finish the process soon. The album will probably feature a slew of Moombahton productions with the Spanish vocalists he wants to employ, and we can only hope it will also feature collaborations between he and the artists in that genre that have inspired him to create music in the first place.

Dillon Francis explains the process of finding vocalists in the Dominican Republic:

“A couple months ago, I traveled to the Dominican Republic, because it’s so hard to get vocals from a lot of the people there. You have to be in the place to get them into the studio, you gotta go there, and you have to have it ready – then they’ll come in and do it, but if you don’t have that, they’re like ‘nah.”

Look out for more info on this and check out the full interview with Billboard.

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