Aside from his busy life touring, keeping updated with his Snapchat, and having fun with Gerald, Dillon Francis had an interview with Triple J, where he told them that’s he been working on a new album.

Album or LP, he claims it’ll be around seven to eight songs. He also talks about creating an album with fluidity, rather than his last album that was more sporadic, as he usually is. When last asked if he was thinking about an album, he wasn’t sure but said that if he were to, it might resemble his track “Anywhere.”

“I don’t want it to be like last time. Because now I understand the faults of my last album, where it’s so ADD. Which is my personality, though, but I would want to sit down and make something that’s super cohesive and that really you can listen to and be like ‘okay I hear all the soundscapes that are in every single song that the producer used differently, but they’re all intertwined.”

He also declared that he wants to include more Spanish influences and Moombahton style into an all around the cohesive album that flows. Or in his words:

“For the LP/Album I want to make, I actually want to work more with Latin artists and do more stuff that’s very Spanglish Moombahton style. I just really want to make something that’s cohesive, because the last album that I made [Money Sucks, Friends Rule], I feel like it was really all over the place, so this is the concept I want to go with and I really want people to listen to it and go, ‘nailed it.’”

Listen to the full interview with Triple J below.

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