It all started three years ago.

The place: Ultra Miami. As any music festival goer knows, special guests at a festival are part of the joy of a festival experience. This year, DJ Snake had asked his good friend Dillon Francis to swing by so they both play their ‘Get Low’ collab live on stage. Dillon Francis agreed, and showed up, much to the happiness of his friend and his fans. As “Get Low” was playing across the speakers, Francis says that he noticed Snake was laughing. When he looked behind him, he realized his phone number was plastered across the Jumbotron.

Well, who doesn’t want to slide into Dillon Francis’s DMs? Francis, in a video on Twitter, stated that his phone, which was fully charged, was dead within half an hour, and he was unable to use it until the next day, after getting a new number.

So, what did he do? He plotted and he waited. Dillon Francis purchased the domain name to DJ Snake’s website ( and has been upkeeping it for three years. Today, he used it to release and publicize his newest song with Jarina De Marco, “Look At That Butt.” Francis took to Twitter to announce his prank. In gentlemanly conduct, Dillon also announced about the release of DJ Snake’s newest song coming out on Friday and thanked his friend for the unknown publicity.

The tweet, released this morning, has already had a lot of traffic, as the infamous EDM prank continues amongst the friends. In this battle of prank wars, we’ll have to see what move happens next.

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