If you happened to run across a random poster on the streets with a random URL, your Dillon Francis-dar should have rang out uncontrollably. Indeed, hellothere.org is a direct link to the producer’s newest single, out today. Why spend so much money on a music video when the perfect visual sits right in front of you? We imagine this is the question Francis had in his head when he conceptualized it; all he really needed was a picture of a man eating a pineapple. Beyond that, he used the most advanced technological advancements to have the still image’s mouth move to lip-sync Yung Pinch’s vocal performance. All jokes aside the song itself is another refreshing production from Francis, invoking a completely carefree vibe and almost begging for a slew of festival-ready remixes from all of the producer’s good buddies.

Check out the single below and be sure to check him out on New Year’s Eve if you’re in Los Angeles.

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