Dillon Francis is a man of more than a few words, volume levels, and tones of voice. Though he’s made it as a musician, many people would say that based on his snapchats and Youtube videos, he’d also make for a great actor. He discussed this in a recent interview with YourEDM, saying that it’s something he’d love to start, but not as a stereotypical DJ turned actor. He says:

“I’m trying to work with the agency that I’m with on trying to navigate it correctly, and make sure that I would get the roles that I would want rather than it being like, ‘oh yeah he can play the DJ role, or something like a quick sweep of him playing at a show.’ Because I just want to make sure that it’s right. But yeah, I would love to go into acting. It’s such a fun hobby for me and such a nice stress reliever. That’s why I love doing those Snapchat things, because I laugh at them and hope other people do, too. And luckily they do, but when I’m working on music and just get stumped for a bit I’ll just go like, ‘huh, I’ll see if I can do something on Snapchat.’”

On the music side, YourEDM asked about his opening set for Wale. He says it went very well and even resulted in a possible collaboration in the works; “I finally got to meet him too, which was really awesome. We exchanged contact information and I hope we get to make a song.”

They also asked why he and Flosstradamus decided to do a show together at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall this November over two nights. Fans are in for a little surprise at the end of each show.

“We used to tour so much together and we have such a good relationship, and then we were both going to play shows at this time. We have a song together – we don’t even have a name for it yet, but we’re trying to finish it – and I just came up with the idea, and so did Kurt, and we’re just like, ‘we should play a show together and see if it works out and bring back Dillstradamus.’ We have a bunch of really cool stuff planned for it, too. At the end of each of those shows we’re going to do a B2B set for like 30 minutes for Dillstradamus. We had done so many European runs and bus runs here in America, it just seemed like the right idea to get back together and do a fun, blowout show. And it worked out because we both headline HARD, so we felt like it would be such a fun experience. I think the fanbases overlap, so we just wanted to have a fun, amazing, turn-up LA show that really showcases what we’ve all been making. 

Check out the full interview on YourEDM.

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