UK soul and funk artist, Dina Vass, is proud to present a newly mastered recreation of her single “Give You My Love”. Originally written and recorded in 2004, Dina Vass gives listeners a newly mastered version of the song with various mixes and versions. The song’s message is Dina Vass’ own relationship experiences with insecure partners in her life. Possessive and ultimately toxic, Vass’ lyrics offer listeners an inside look of her feelings and experiences.

“I’m compassionate about their insecurity, but at the same time, I make it clear that I won’t take any more hurtful behaviour. I explain in an honest, loving way so they can understand what they’re doing.

Whether I’m happy or down, I use my music as an outlet – a kind of therapy to release and let go of that chapter, especially in troubled times. I’ll get a melody floating around in my head, and it has to be recorded, even if it’s 3am!”

Despite the heavy message lyrically, ‘Give You My Love’ is an upbeat house tune with a Balearic island flavor. Guitar riffs and strings will make feel like you’re walking the shores of Ibiza beautiful white isle. The song’s rework is a sign that queen is returning to the spotlight in today’s dance music scene.

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