One of the best grabbing aspects of electronic music is that it doesn’t really matter who’s behind the computer. It strips away the appeal of falling in love with the face of the musician and relies solely on the contents of the goods. Orange Birthday is achieving just that with its ~1 minute sound bites that allow the listener to travel through its carefully curated soundscapes.

All you need to know about the artist so far is that they’re from Fairview, Texas.

On May 7, 2019, Orange Birthday revealed its very first Bandcamp release ‘a1x’. Nearly 20 minutes of different bits and bites of the wandering mind of Orange Birthday. There’s ambience, there’s melancholy, a plethora of sounds and moods that fit the gray-blue cover art that seems to have been taken of an open field in Texas at dusk.

Dive right in and let your mind wander.

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