She’s Excited delivered an exceptionally edgy IDM EP entitled ‘Shock Therapy’. The EP was born during the dark times of early lockdowns in the Big Apple, the EP is likened to production mastermind of Aphex Twin mixed with the late singer and songwriter, David Bowie. ‘Shock Therapy contains two originals that dive deep into the realms of dark electronica, while 3 remixes bring the songs into the world of Nu-Disco, House, Techno, and Synth wave. ‘Add Clarity’ and ‘Whole’ take listeners on an industrial route of dark electronic beauty. You can hear and absorb the raw emotions that She’s Excited excels into both songs.

“The songs on “Shock Therapy” capture the raw emotions I went through during the apocalyptic NYC lockdown and the vision of healing and togetherness in times of confusion and despair.” 

Remixes of the two original tracks take them into a completely world and come from Cameron Gary, Trovarsi (Live Modular Version), and Primitive Heart. Cameron Gary offers a light-hearted rework of ‘Clarity’ with Nu-Disco and house feels. Trovarsi brings you virtually into the dark rooms of Berlin’s most sought after nightclub, Berghain. Finishing out the album is Primitive Heart’s old-school techno remix layered with a rolling synthesizer and throwback feels.

Listen to ‘Shock Therapy’ or watch the audio-visual experience down below!

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