We’ve gotten a lot of good things out of DJ Snake lately, including some wild sets at festivals and his Carte Blanche album.

The album, which was released in July, is a 17-song album that has a variety of genres.

DJ Snake recently revealed in an interview that one of the songs was originally meant for none other than Rihanna. He stated that as the beat came to life, he just fell in love with it too much to let it go:

I made the beat in Paris last year… [Rihanna] wanted this record for a year and we ended up using it. You know because I fell in love with this record and I don’t know…I don’t want to say like the wrong things so all the Rihanna fans is going to kill me. I just had to follow my heart. That’s it.

The song he is talking about is “No Option”, which ended up featuring Burna Boy.

We love the way the song did come out, and are wondering and hoping that this means that we will still get to see DJ Snake and Rihanna collaborate in the future. The collaborations of these two artists would undoubtedly lead to an amazing track, especially if “No Option” is a preview of what could be created.

See the interview below:

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