Donn Camps is no stranger to our site. He champions an aggressive and balanced production of electro, big room, and really all things bass house. In his latest release, ‘The Dream’, listeners will be excited to hear a healthy portion of basslines and ferocious, screechy synthesizer, similar to the sounds of Skrillex and his OWSLA crew that champion a similar sound and plug-ins. There must be something in the water over there in the Netherlands, because Donn Camps is on fire!

Donn Camps hails from the Dutch town of Arnhem. He started his music career like many of his peers at a very young age when he was drawn to the beating rhythms of drums. After working towards that instrument’s mastery, Donn naturally began to move into the art of DJ’ing and music production. Camps’ collection on his own Dhamma Chanda Music label continues to grow!

Listen to ‘The Dream’ down below!

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